Ninji - Ninji Didjeridoo by Zotora

The CD «Ninji-Ninji» (playful ceremony) was released in 1994. The didgeridoo is the only instrument. Inspired by the aboriginal music of Australia Zotora wanted to cultivate a clean and simple expression which would combine his knowledge with his own person.

This is what the press wrote:

Urban - Gunnar Innvær                                                                                                    
- Zotora masters fully this technique of breathing as well as David Hudson and other famous didgeridoo-players. For urban people this is a sixty-five minute exotic meeting with nature.

Natt og Dag  - Ask                                                                                                             
- A brave and modern look into an ancient tradtion.

Fedrelandsvennen - Sigbjørn Nedland                                                                         
- Uncompromising and filled with respect and love for this very spesial windinstrument. If you let yourself go into the magical world of this instrument, you will find new dimentions of life that comes