Public feedback on the pages of the Ticetmaster from the concerts in the Emanuel Vigeland museum



This was a musical 'journey' different from what I have experienced before. The exceptionally talented musician Zotora managed with his primeval instrument to create a unique atmosphere in the beautiful fresco painted mausoleum - but also in me. In an almost imperceptible slowly accelerating rhythm I was led even deeper into a strange landscape of sensations, feelings and mental images, while time and space disappeared. It was new and exciting to be allowed to lie on a yoga mat with wool blankets above me and listen to the concert. A strong, rich, but also contemplative experience that is highly recommended.

In my eyes, Zotora is the best to convey a musical journey through its playing. He brings you into a respectful and meditative zone where sense and enjoyment merge into a blend of calm and presence, but at the same time an exciting out of the body experience. The concert hall could not be more appropriate and intimate, where beautiful art surrounds you on all sides almost exclusively lit by candle lighting. His experimental way to use the entire premises and the possibility of both lying down and sitting gives you exactly the experience you want, be it visual or spiritual. Being well dressed and bring a pillow can be a tip.

We had long been looking forward to a concert with Zotora in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, after hot recommendations. Stavanger-Oslo with husband and son, picked up yet another son in Oslo before we expected to go to the concert. All recommendations struck and more than that. Magical Place + magical music = magical feel. It is as if a enters in another universe and eventually mood when the sound of Zotoras instrument hovering around us and in us and eventually flows into one with the music. Do we recommend? YES !!! Will we come again? YES !!!!

A truly unique audio / concert experience. Disconnect time, but not the place and enjoy. One airflow / thousand sounds.

This experience is almost spiritual. With an open mind, you are taken on a wonderful "inner" journey with Zotora and his Didgeridoo, and the mausoleum is amazing....:)

Every full moon Zotora plays didgeridoo in Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum. This is a very special experience that everyone who has the opportunity should not miss. I've been at this concert twice, and both times I went gaping from the concert venue. I can not explain what was happening, and I think it's mystical and magical that one man with one didgeridoo can create this very special sound that takes me far inside myself and far beyond the cosmos.

This was a fantastic concert, both the location and the deeply penetrating didgeridoo from Zotora! He is a very talented musician and has a nerve and a presence in his style of playing I've never experienced before! Professionalism all the way to the fingertips

A great experience in a very special venue. Acoustics and the venue is the toughest we have experienced.

Amazingly relaxing, and a very nice inner journey through the music. Impressive talent. Recommended. Bring warm clothes, as it is cold there in winter.


From the newspapers you can read this.

«Trond Lepperød from Porsgrunn Dagblad (98) says:  «What strikes the listener is that the vibrations and waves of sound not only hit the membrain in the ear but  also the diaphragm and heaven knows what other parts of the human body (...) Magical must be the word.»

«How this charismatic musician is able to create such a range of sounds and with such intensity, is a mystery.  He certainly put a spell on us and took us far away from the dark streets of Narvik». (Fremover 1996) 

«From his touring with the stringquartet Arctimus we can read: «The Arctimus quartet musicians were obviously inspired by playing with Zotora (...) Never before  have I heard a classical stringquartet create improvised music which vibrates in the deeper layers of the cortex.» (From Nordlys 1995)

«Zotoras stage performance is cleverly calculated, he keeps his audience in suspense with the nerve and timing of a circus artist. The opening act alone was well worth the entrance fee. (Nordlys 1996).

«Dagbladet puts it this way in the review of Øystein Sevågs concert tour at Rockefeller in 1996: But most suprisingly was Zotoras didjeridoo playing(...) He controlled it with the skills of a master and created a trembling, snarling and humming sound.»