Naked didjeridoo

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"Breath in the mausoleum" is a 50 minutes long track recorded in Emanuel Vigeland's mausoleum i Oslo 2018.


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"Musical soul attack" - Varden 1998 You feel like dancing, screaming - really let your primeval instinkt loose. This is a good CD. The sound of Zotoras didgeridoo is laying like thick fog on all the traks, but it is the other instruments witch plays the main part. This is what makes the CD so exiting. This is a record well worth buying, not nesecerally because you are so very interested in Aboriginal Australia or trancendental experiences - but just because you like good music.

Ninji - Ninji

Pris: 180,00 NOK
Fedrelandsvennen, Sigbjørn Nedland 1994 - Compromising and filled with respect and love for this very special wind instrument. If you fly into the magic world of this instrument, you will find new dimensions of the life that comes.