"Déja-vu". Didjeridoo Zotora. El-guitar Eivind Aarseth.

The musicians.

Zotora, didjeridoo

Øystein Sevåg, synth (2&6)

Eivind Aarseth, el-guitar (3,5 & 11)

Paolo Vinaccia, percussion, (5 & 8)

Kenneth Ekornes, percussion, (7)

Elin Ødegaard, voice (2 &10)

Carl Petter Opshal, bass-clarinet (7)

Hallgrim Berg, jawharp, willowflute, voice (1,4 & 8)

Maria Sevåg, violin (9)

This is how Zotora put it when Emigrate was released in 1998: «One of the thoughts behind Emigrate has been to draw the didjeridoo towards a more norwegian sound than commonly thought of with this instrument. I wished to form a product were the didjeridoo was the basic instrument, but put into a larger context  through a collaboration with other musicians. I have wanted to keep a simple expresseion with the didjeridoo as a fundament and then build different rooms on top of this fundament. Mostly with one musiciancian at a time.»

This is what the press wrote.

"Art of magic" - DTBB

This is a straight forward phenomenal musicexperience created by a Norwegian. If you are looking for music that really takes you on a journey, your body relaxed but your subcounciousness awake,then Zotora is your man. Spesial music, yet extreemly elegant"A kangaroo in Hallingdal"


Porsgrunn Dagblad

Together with his musicians he plays around in a completely open landscape, not unlike the bordercrossing Jan Garbarek. It is done in a very unconventional way, but with great respect for the instrument, and at times it is absolutely beautiful to listen to.


"Musical soul attack" - Varden

You feel like dancing, screaming - really let your primeval instinkt loose. This is a good CD. The sound of Zotoras didgeridoo is laying like thick fog on all the traks, but it is the other instruments witch plays the main part. This is what makes the CD so exiting. This is a record well worth buying, not nesecerally because you are so very interested in Aboriginal Australia or trancendental experiences - but just because you like good music.


Farojornalen - World music, ambient

Zotora is a faboulous didgeridooplayer. Here he has made an ambient CD full of warmth. The sound is mystic and exiting, not unlike Mari Boine. There is so much variation here that you will never get bored.