Zotora is one of Europe's first didgeridoo players. He received his basic knowledge as a didjeridoo player on a five years long stay in Australia during the 80s. Since then he has made many trips back to receive new inspiration.

Although inspired by traditional playing, Zotora worked to create his own style of playing ever since his first meeting with the indigenous people. Zotora has great respect for the traditional owners and players of this ancient instrument.

Below are a few highlights of his career:

- UN 50th anniversary, (The Norwegian Theatre)

- Fanfare for Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus (Oslo City Hall).

- The opening of the world's largest gas platform, Troll.

- Warming up for Buffy Saint Marie.

- Played for actors like Toralv Maurstad, Henni Moan, and Per Christian Ellefsen.

- Collaborations with many celebrated musicians and dancers.

- Statens Veivesen, National Road Administration.

- Statskraft, State Power.

- Rikskonsertene, at Municipalities and Counties around Norway

- Numerous Corporate conferences and events.

- Played at a range of festivals and performances around the world.
- Over 300 concerts in the Emanuel Vigeland Museum and going!

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